The 4 Types of Followers of Ethnocidal Religions

Ethnocidal religions are mental jails where very different types of persons coexist on deep misunderstandings. Some of them don’t want to change and just want a life without trouble, others seek to break free, others want to improve their community and the relations with the world while some others keep the jail and want the total domination of their monistic beliefs, with a lot of followers enabling them.

There are 4 types of followers of ethnocidal religions :

1- Hostages : those who are locked inside an ethnocidal religion since birth and suffer while having to show their credentials.

2- Sublimators : those who treat their mental health despite their religion and try to push their community upwards, and therefore automatically towards the exit.

3- Enablers : those who are the famous moderates who do not improve anything, are not responsible for major horrors but make them possible, and bring these problems even while fleeing them. They are not integrist by themselves but they are the ones who make integrism possible.

4- Pounders : those who pull the community and the world down, commit extra-community and intra-community terrorist acts, participate in underdevelopment and obscurantism. They are the integrist ones.

Enablers and pounders are active elements of toxic ethnocidal religions, so it is obvious that it is them who are targeted by critics on the actions of a religion. We have no time for disclaimers at every phrase to remind there are always passive or positive humans in christian mental jail, muslim mental jail, communist or nazi mental jail. We find it very inappropriate and indecent to distribute good points to the least dangerous persons of a dangerous ethnocide ideology.