How anti-ethnophobia differs from antiracism ?

Anti-ethnophobia deals with ALL the anti-ethnic crimes, groups or habits, contrary to antiracism that only aim at ethno-systemic civic biologically-based persecutions

Ethnophobia is not an egalitarian-reduced concept : it concerns all kinds and parts of the anti-ethnic global action.

Anti-ethnophobia aim at the roots of hate, whereas antiracism distract us by highlighting the most pointless barkings of marginal punks

The fight against ethnophobia doesn’t treat on equal footing the doctrines and some of their more pointless consequences.

Hate speech is the tip of the iceberg of ethnophobia. The most dangerous speech is not marginalized angry speech but accepted and successful problematic ideas which make lots of common people feel empowered and legitimated to take part in the persecution of ethnic identities, sometimes with their best wishes.

Ethnophobia takes roots in anti-ethnic doctrines and worthy-versus-worthless ideologies.

Nobody shall dare to put nobodies’ angry speech filled with racial slurs on equal footing with system legitimated religious and political doctrines fundamentally opposed to the very concept of ethnicity and the collective rights of native peoples.

Antiracism only deals with racial issues, whereas anti-ethnophobia deals with far more diverse concerns

Homophobia, gynophobia, attacks on cultural heritage, thinking on collective identities… all of this is not part of strict etymological antiracism, whereas these fights are intrinsic to the fight against ethnophobia. Antiracists are harassing other causes in the name of their principle of convergence among social struggles, but it is always to parasitize these causes and to redirect their energy into their anti-racial ethnophobic ideology, not to offer their workforce and money for the other causes’ benefit. Antiracism is the leech of caritative causes.

Antiracism tend to prohibit racial thinking, whereas anti-ethnophobia wants more dialogue between and inside ethnicities

While antiracism always demands more censorship about races, anti-ethnophobia want more political expression for collective identities, to heal for ethnic traumas, and to deal with contemporary concerns.

Antiracism is a politically correct trojan horse for ethnophobic religions

Amazing volumes of damage to native cultures are performed in the name of antiracism. In India, for example, antiracism is a trojan horse for hinduphobic guilt-tripping propaganda and the defense of colonial islam, which is not even a race but is treated as such. Forced conversions to the colonial religions of christianity and islam are protected by the granted status of protected races. Antiracism always want to make religions uncriticizable, but when it comes to ethnic religions, its generous protection just stops. Antiracism too often covers the most ethnophobic religions and produces incitement to hatred against natives and their ethnic religions and traditions for being not enough tolerant toward their religious and cultural colonizers.

Anti-ethnophobia is the affirmation that the hate for one’s own ethnicity and the hate for other ethnicities are always linked, and that the hate of other races is never the love of one’s own race.

Antiracism is the false belief that you can love your ethnic origins by hating other ethnicities. Antiracism is always suspicious if not hostile toward ethnic feelings of pride. Anti-ethnophobia says that if you don’t love your race, then you can’t respect the rest of humanity, and if you don’t respect your ethnicity, you can love no other ethnicity. Endo-ethnophobia is always fuelled by exo-ethnophobia and vice versa.