Stop Ethnophobia is an association working for the recognition of all ethnocides, the ensuring of the rights of all native peoples and educating about ethnophobia.

An ethnocide is the destruction of a people through the physical or symbolical destruction of its culture, religion, art, language, habitat, social structure or population.

Ethnophobia is the hate, contempt and repression against the peoples, natives and ethnic groups. The word is composed of ethnos : people, and phobía : fear.

Politically, ethnophobia is the repression of the cultural or political native identity, as well as the indiscriminate hatred against the people.

Religiously, ethnophobia takes the form of paganophobia, and the use of forged myths on the origins of the people or part of people to justify their exploitation and abuse.

Socially, ethnophobia consists in despising the common people and deploying segregational strategies to artificially feel superior to it, but also in the lack of trust when it comes to the nature, reliability, or future of the people.

Metaphysically, ethnophobia represents the despise of the disciples of a deconstructed humanity against the animal savagery of ethnicity. It is the worthist sense of superiority of deconstructed humans on a dehumanized ethnic sub-humanity.

Psychologically, ethnophobia translates into the hostility, disgust and unease felt towards racial and cultural differences with no will to be dissolved. An ethnophobe often feels anger at any individual or people who make it clear that they don’t want to renounce their ancestors.

Ethnophobia is an omnipresent taboo firmly anchored in our societies. The concept of ethnophobia is essential to understand and combat the ideological roots of past and ongoing racial, religious and cultural violence.

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